Video: Shugatiti Strips Completely In New Ghanaian movie

March 10, 2020

you ever thought Ghanaian producer Socrate Sarfo’s Hot Fork movie was hot enough, you are about to experience another shock of your life as freelance n*dist well known for sharing expl!cit photos on Instagram, Shugatiti has done the unthinkable. (Video below)

Being her first feature film, Shugatiti had made much noise about the movie on her social media page.

This sparked up some interest in the upcoming movie as many Ghanaians wondered if Titi’s n*de persona would be replicated in a regular movie.

Well, the movie, titled ‘Fraud Game’, is done with and what many Ghanaians feared most is going to manifest.

We just sighted a trailer of the movie on YouTube and we are gobsmacked. We can simply find words to describe this.

Watch the video below

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