VIDEO: Lawyers Caught Watching ‘Pono’ During Court Proceedings

March 12, 2020

wo young lawyers have been caught in a courtroom watching ‘Pono’ on his phone during serious court proceedings.

The video sighted by OccupyGh.com shows the moment the two lawyers were captured by someone in the courtroom as they feast their eyes on the blue rated movie.

The video which is currently making rounds on social media has ignited a heated conversation surrounding the sanity of these two lawyers who were caught in the unprecedented act.

Most netizens think the behavior of these lawyers is very unprofessional, calling for the authorities to track and punish these lawyers.

Check out some reactions below from netizens who watch the video:

“Oh goodness me, terrible! It’s just as bad though to be so bloody nosy that you view in to catch a glimpse.

“Maybe he was reviewing the material submitted and couldn’t wait to be submitted as evidence.”

“How can he go to court while he’s hungry?”


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