Wife breaks bottle on husband’s head after nabbing him with his side chic in a beer parlour (Video)

March 12, 2020

A distraught South African woman has gone mad right after seeing her husband with another woman in a bar. This woman gave a serious plot twist to the established narrative of married women going after the mistresses of their husbands instead of holding their partner responsible.

They say hell hath no fury when a woman is scorned, the wife could be seen in the video attacking her husband with the last ounce of energy in her. Being a little built up in stature than the man and also the fact that she was enraged gave her an unfair advantage as she would have killed him save for the late intervention of people around

Watch the video below:

Amebo international@MO40T · 6h


Instead of dealing with the side chic, this woman deal with her husband square up…

Is this right or wrong???

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