A Big Celebrity has Tested Positive To Coronavirus – Dr Kemi Reveal

March 20, 2020

big Nigerian celebrity has reportedly tested positive to Coronavirus (COVID-19), according to a popular investigative journalist – Dr. Kemi Olunloyo.

Kemi took to her official Twitter page to update her followers about Coronavirus.

She revealed that a ‘BIG Nigerian Celebrity has tested positive for #Covid19’.

Her full post read:

“A BIG Nigerian Celebrity has tested positive for #Covid19. Just like the foreign ones announced, wait for the MSM. Fans don’t like me talking about their fave Celebrities. They ask me to mind my business so pls WASH YOUR HANDS and stay away from Celebrities #CoronaVirusUpdate.”

She also took the opportunity to advise her followers who ‘attended #AMVCA2020 and a V.I nightclub last weekend’ to self-quarantine themselves.

She noted:

“If U attended #AMVCA2020 and a V.I nightclub last weekend PLS #StayHome at least 7-14 days and #selfquarantine urself. Fever, chills, coughing, sneezing pls get tested, wear a mask and stay safe. Isolate yourself, wash hands and pls Celebrities DON’T CALL ME! CoronaVirusNigeria.”

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